Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Buffer Cache Hit Ratio goes down to Negative values

Today I faced an interesting issue in my production database. Daily we check the Buffer Cache Hit Ratio of the database. Today I got the negative value for the hit ratio.
I am using the below formula for calculating the buffer cache hit ratio.

               1  -   ------------------------------------------------------
                                DB_BLOCK_GETS + CONSISTENT_GETS

I tried with different formulae that I got from the google. But it is of no use. The I searched it in the metalink and I got the answer in it. It was a bug 2645071 stated in the 'Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide 10g Release 1 (10.1)'  and found the  correct formula to calculate the Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

                                      'physical reads cache'
             1 - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                       'consistent gets from cache' + 'db block gets from cache'

physical reads cache’=’physical reads’-‘physical reads direct’-‘physical reads direct(lob)’
‘consistent gets from cache’= ‘consistent gets’
‘db block gets from cache’= ‘db block gets’

physical reads direct:
  This Oracle metric is the number of reads directly from the disk bypassing the buffer cache. For example if there is any request for large data, data-intensive operations such as parallel query, reads of the disk blocks bypass the buffer cache to maximize the transfer rates.
High disk reads indicates the small db buffer cache size.

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